Fraudulent Wills

Fraudulent Wills

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If can be shown that probate has been granted due to a mistake of fact, a Court has the power to revoke the grant of probate

Separating? : Watch what you take from the bank

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In a recent court decision released 11 March 2016 the FEDERAL CIRCUIT COURT OF AUSTRALIA considered the apportionment of the property between the husband and wife after the couple separated. The parties were 36 and 35 years of age with one child. The husband was self employed with no superannuation and the wife worked part time.

Alexander Law before the full bench of The Federal Court of Australia

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Alexander Law successfully defended an appeal brought on by the Commonwealth Department of Families, Housing

Supreme Court of Appeal Application

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Application for extension of time within which to apply for leave to appeal against the sentences for counts 5, 8 and 10