Family Lawyers & Mediation

Family Lawyers & Mediation

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If you’ve just separated from your partner (husband or wife, or de facto partner), you’ll likely be trying to work out all of the legal steps required that you’ll need to go through to finalise the divorce- and you may be getting lost in information. It’s a common occurrence – you are not the only one.

The first step to negotiating positive outcomes in situations like this, is mediation. It’s an effective approach to address matters regarding breakdowns of relationships and subsequently the separation of families. It also reduces the cost of your separation and subsequent divorce if you are able to utilise mediation effectively and amicably.

It’s important to work with a qualified mediator and lawyers to provide positive results for all parties involved. They help remove the overall emotional pressure on making large decisions that affect your whole family going forward this can include your living arrangements, possession of houses, furniture, pets, custody of children – anything and everything.

Our Family Lawyers work together with a qualified mediator in this situation to provide all parties with advice and support to try to reach an agreement before going to court. After mediation, parties are likely to feel empowered, relieved and satisfied that they have achieved a result that both parties can live with, and is in the best interests of their children.

However, in some cases mediation is not always successful and in these cases you will need to move to the next step in the process which would be to proceed to court.

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