Have you been unfairly dismissed?

Have you been unfairly dismissed?

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Dismissed from your job?
Losing your job can be a stressful time. If you feel like you have been unfairly dismissed from your employment, our experienced Solicitors are here to help.
Australia’s unfair dismissal laws are contained in the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) BUT not all employees are covered. Whether you will be protected by the legislation will depend on many things like who is your employer and the type and duration of your employment. Understanding the legislation and how it applies to you can become quite complex. This is why Alexander Law has the edge over other firms. We understand everybody is different and you will get the personalised experience and advice that lager firms are unable to offer. Consult with us today to see if you’re protected.

Unfair dismissal
The Fair Work Commission (FWC), is the national workplace relations tribunal. If you feel you have been harshly or unreasonably dismissed by your employer, you may be able to make an application to the FWC. All applications must be made within 21 days and it’s crucial they contain the correct information. To ensure your application is the best it can be and is processed on time, please contact us immediately for assistance.

General Protections
If you are not covered by the Unfair Dismissal legislation and you feel like you have been discriminated against, you may still lodge and application with the FWC. These types of disputes are generally dealt with by way of a conciliation conference with your employer. Our Solicitors are able to guide you through the process and are able to attend the conference with you.

Unlawful Termination
If you work in the public sector in Queensland, you will not be able to make an application for Unfair Dismissal under the Fair  Work Act; however, you may still be protected by protections under the Industrial Relations Act 1999 (Qld).
If you feel like you have been unfairly treated in your workplace, or are unsure whether you are protected, our solicitors will be able to advise you on the best way forward. Whether that be assistance in making an application on your behalf or representing you at a conciliation conference, you must act quickly. Consult with one of our experienced solicitors by contacting (07) 3369 0766.