Immigration Appeals & Your Options

Immigration Appeals & Your Options

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If you’ve unsuccessfully applied to immigrate to Australia and you’re not sure why you weren’t accepted or what the process to successfully appeal the ruling is you will benefit from hiring one of Alexander Law’s qualified immigration lawyers.

They can guide you through the processes and procedures of tribunal reviews and appeals.

You will have two options when choosing to make Australia your new home. The first is a Migration Agent, the second is a qualified Immigration Lawyer. Whilst the first option may sometimes be cheaper, agents cannot advise on related legal issues that you may also need assistance with (i.e. property purchases, family law issues, wills, commercial matters etc) – but qualified Immigration lawyers can.

Another downside of Migration Agents is that they have no right of appeal before courts of law – which means that your application to migrate to Australia is denied, they will not be able to provide further assistance and you will then need to consult an Immigration Lawyer and spend extra time briefing them on what has already happened.

Using our Immigration lawyers from the beginning of your application will ensure a smoother process for you and hopefully mean a happy Australian ending – but unfortunately no guarantees can be made.. so be realistic about your options, and about the types of migration available to you.  If you do end up needing to go through the appeal or review process, our friendly Immigration Lawyers have the qualifications and experience required to help you with this aswell.

Contact us today to discuss your situation so we can direct you to the right Immigration Lawyer within Alexander Law.