Litigation Lawyers – help them, help you.

Litigation Lawyers – help them, help you.

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When you’ve had a work injury, a motor vehicle accident injury or an injury which you believe was caused by the wrongful act or negligence of another party, you may be entitled to compensation. However,  in most cases, strict time limits apply, so you need to find a litigation lawyer that you can trust to get you the best payout possible. Whilst you’re trying to recover, you need to know that a litigation lawyer is assisting you with this process. You need to know that your claim is taken seriously, and dealt with professionally.

So what kind of thing can litigation lawyers assist with, when it comes to personal injuries? There are a wide range of services that most litigation lawyers provide, such as:

  • Worker’s Compensation Claims, and disputes with WorkCover entitlements
  • Motor vehicle accident claims
  • Insurance claims through super annuation
  • Public liability claims for when you’ve suffered an injury in a public place

It’s important that you are honest about your claim, and seek out legal advice as soon as possible. Litigation Lawyers are not miracle workers, they have to abide by the strict time limits and laws. To help your litigation lawyer (and in turn yourself), you should provide the following information in your consultation so we can determine how to proceed with your claim to ensure a positive outcome.

  1. Very specific details as to how the accident occurred, in point form (providing a timeline using the dot points if possible);
  2. Photographs of the accident scene if these can be obtained safely;
  3. All relevant medical reports;
  4. Receipts for any out of pocket expenses like crutches, medication or GP gap payments;
  5. A travel log of all the times you have traveled to an appointment due to your injuries;
  6. Details of all of the doctors you are currently consulting;
  7. Your record of how your life has been affected by the accident (i.e. list tasks you can’t perform, it could be hanging out the washing, going to work etc );
  8. If you have already made a claim, the details of the insurance claims officer dealing with your claim;
  9. Your car registration details and that of any other vehicle involved;
  10. Witness details (i.e. witnesses who saw the accident occur);
  11. Who said what to whom; and
  12. NEVER admit fault. Some insurance policies have this as a specific requirement, and you can void your insurance if you do admit fault.

For further information about our litigation services, check out our Litigation page

If you require assistance with your litigation, and you are looking for professional litigation lawyers that will not only take your claim seriously but work hard to ensure the best possible outcome, contact Alexander Law to discuss your situation.