We understand that answering to a criminal charge and contemplating a potential conviction is both stressful and threatening for your future. Our lawyers are highly knowledgeable in criminal law and remain focused on providing an authoritative, no nonsense approach when representing clients.

Criminal law is a highly dynamic and intense area of law and we as a firm provide an extensive range of services in dealing with both indictable and summary offences. Our firm has experience in all areas of criminal law including matters ranging from homicide and assault through to stealing and traffic offences.

We ensure all matters are handled with discretion and efficiency to achieve the best possible result for you.

Drug Offences

Have you been accused of a drug related offence? Our lawyers have experience working in the criminal justice setting and can provide you with advice and support for drug related offences.

We understand that drug related offences vary in seriousness and we offer services focussing on possession, production of a dangerous drug, trafficking and supply of a dangerous drug.

Our lawyers will provide a no nonsense approach when advising you on your specific circumstances.

Homicide Offences

The term homicide refers to all offences which result in death. The penalties for homicide can have a severe impact on your life, job and family. Our lawyers provide professional and comprehensive advice when handling homicide offences and are able to assist with all related court proceedings.

For more information relating to your specific circumstances, speak to one of our team today.

Assault Offences

There are various assault charges and it is one of the most common criminal offence charges. Our lawyers will look at your specific circumstances in providing comprehensive advice on your matter, the processes involved and the options available to you.

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Sexual Offences

Conviction for a sexual offence can carry serious consequences varying from minor to very major sentences. Our lawyers work with clients to provide advice and support, offering an impartial view on the matter at hand.

We have experience working with a variety of different sexual offence cases and are able to provide expert legal advice to guide you through the court proceedings and processes.

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Piracy is a serious criminal offence carrying a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. According to the Criminal Code “A person who does an act of piracy commits a crime.”

If you have been accused of a crime relating to piracy, our lawyers can offer their advice and support to guide you through the criminal justice process and work with you to provide you with the best possible outcome.

Tax Offences

Are you looking for legal advice for tax related offences? The criminal lawyers at Alexander Law can help you with all tax related offences and will work towards achieving the best possible outcome for you. Our experienced lawyers provide professional advice and will guide you through your matter from beginning to end.

For more information and to get tax offence advice get in touch with Alexander Law today.


Nuisance offences cover a wide variety of circumstances and may carry a sentence of two years imprisonment. Our experienced lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to be able to provide effective legal advice in all cases of nuisance. We can help you understand a nuisance offence and work towards achieving the best possible outcome for you.

For more information on specific crimes of nuisance please get in touch with our lawyers.

Internet Offences

Internet offences and computer hacking are addressed in the Criminal Code and offenders may face a penalty of between two to ten years imprisonment. In order to be found guilty of computer hacking, a person must be found to have use a restricted computer without permission from the controller and had an intention to cause damage in the process.

Our lawyers understand the criminal law surrounding internet offences and computer hacking and offer expert legal advice when working with clients faced with these charges.


Stealing is a serious criminal offence carrying a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment. In order for someone to be found guilty of stealing it must be proven that they acquired something they did not have ownership of.

If you have been charged with stealing, our lawyers will work with you, offering professional advice, support and representation, guiding you through the criminal justice process.

Drink Driving

Drinking driving is a serious offence which may result in fines, loss of licence or even a term of imprisonment. If you are accused of a drink driving offence, the lawyers at Alexander Law can help you to understand the court process and will offer you expert, impartial advice.

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