Alexander Law offer an extensive range of legal services and expertise in areas of intellectual property including: trademarks and patenting, software development, social media, technology, copyright and design.

Our respected lawyers understand the ever changing world of intellectual property (IP) law and work with clients to provide practical advice for both personal and business matters.

If you are in business or thinking of developing a business with an original idea our lawyers can support you through this process and offer their expertise in IP law.

Trademarks and Patents Law

Looking for legal advice in the areas of trademarks and patenting? We can help. At Alexander Law our intellectual property lawyers have extensive experience providing clients with expert legal advice and relevant information in both trademark and patent laws.

Together we can assist you with a variety of services regarding all facets of trademarking and patenting including: registration, applications, responding to requests, removing infringements, research and liaising with related parties.

Speak to our team of friendly lawyers to get the best advice on trademarks and patenting.

Software Development

Our team of lawyers offer expert legal advice and work with clients to provide up to date information regarding intellectual property and software development laws.

Our lawyers are savvy with the latest intellectual property laws and dedicated to working with clients to assist in all matters regarding software development, including the drafting and negotiating of a variety of agreements in this field.

We can also assist in the negotiation of sales and enforcing or purchasing software intellectual property rights.

Social Media Law

We offer expert legal advice from our team of lawyers who work with clients to provide up to date information regarding intellectual property and social media law.

Our lawyers are equipped with the latest knowledge and can assist clients in matters regarding social media law including: social media policies and procedures, confidentiality and privacy policies, organisational internet policies and employee monitoring and support.

Our team of lawyers provide strategic legal advice to assist you in all areas regarding social media law.

Technology Law

Alexander Law has extensive experience practicing law in the technology space and offer expert legal advice to help you in drafting and negotiating agreements relating to technology and software developments. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and relevant IT qualifications to help you through legal issues concerning software development, online business and general IT enquiries.

We get the IT industry and have a thorough understanding of technology law which gives our clients peace of mind.

For more information feel free to give us a call.

Copyright Law

Alexander Law provide expert legal advice to help you understand and apply copyright laws. Our intellectual property lawyers can help identify if an idea meets the copyright regulations which usually covers: images, music, writing, films and music.

Once copyright is granted others are prevented from copying the works and it provides legal protection to the owner of the copyrighted idea.

Our team of lawyers can help you understand areas including: the copyright notice, duration of copyright, assignments and licensing and infringements.


At Alexander Law we provide clients with the right advice and support for intellectual property rights regarding design.

Get in touch with our team of professional lawyers who can provide expert advice on protecting original designs for personal, professional and business purposes.

At Alexander Law our team of friendly lawyers can work with you to achieve the best possible option for matters of design and intellectual property for a cost effective price.