Litigation is difficult and very stressful and it is comforting to have an experienced professional on your side.

Our litigation lawyers ease the burden by taking you through the litigation process and explaining the processes and procedures to you in easy to understand, plain English terms. We provide you with clever and wise alternatives and solutions to help you towards achieving the best possible result. We fight hard on your behalf and will never shy away from standing up for your rights.

We aim to achieve your goals with minimum cost. Where available, we will always advise you of the settlement options available to you as an alternative to full length litigation.

Our lawyers cover disputes in all Court and Tribunal jurisdictions and cover varying areas that include:

  1. Negligence;
  2. Trespass and Private Nuisance;
  3. Contractual Disputes;
  4. Corporate disputes;
  5. Administrative law; and
  6. Insurance disputes and claims.
Local Government Law

Alexander Law can assist with disputes in relation to Local Government including rates and and local development appeals, development approval and contested subdivisions.

We can assist you in all types of litigation relating to local government law.

Our lawyers can work with you to advise on the best possible outcomes regarding local government law and offer their professional knowledge and experience in this area.

Insurance Claims

Alexander Law is proficient in the area of assisting clients with motor vehicle accidents and personal injury claims. Work cover and work place injuries are another area of Insurance claims that we have vast experience in.

We offer specialised advice to guide you through the process of insurance claim litigation and our lawyers have the know-how to achieve successful results for you.

Personal Injury

Have you experienced a personal injury, and are looking to take legal action? Our lawyers offer expert legal advice and know-how in all areas of litigation regarding personal injury. We work with a range of clients and provide professional support to understand and guide you through all aspects of making a personal injury claim.

For more information regarding personal injury and litigation please get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your situation.

Workplace Issues

Alexander Law can assist employers and employees alike in the areas of unfair dismissals, contract negotiations, company policy and procedure drafting, discrimination, harassment, bullying and all other work place related issues.

These issues in some situations can be put before the Industrial Relations Commission and the Fairwork Tribunal.

Neighbour Disputes

Neighbourhood disputes include situations surrounding fences, trees, noisy neighbours and all QCAT and VCAT disputes, all of which Alexander Law is equipped to assist you with.

Looking to take action on a neighbour dispute? Our lawyers have extensive experience dealing with a variety of individuals and can work with you to help you understand court procedures and the litigation process for issues regarding neighbour disputes. For more information on neighbour disputes please get in touch with our friendly team to identify how we can help.

Administrative Law

Do you need advice on administrative law? Our lawyers have experience dealing with all aspects of administrative law and can work with you by providing quality legal advice in this area.

We understand that court procedures can sometimes be complex and often difficult to comprehend, that’s why our friendly lawyers work with you to guide you through the litigation process.

For more information on administrative law get in touch with our team of experienced lawyers today.


Are you looking for legal advice for understanding or making a claim in tort? Our lawyers at Alexander Law are experienced in all aspects of tort law and can work with you to provide expert legal advice and support during the litigation process.

We have extensive skills in all areas of tort law and experience producing positive outcomes for our clients.

Feel free to get in touch with our team of experienced lawyers to discuss this further.

Contractual & Commercial Disputes

Have you experienced a contractual or commercial dispute? At Alexander Law our lawyers provide professional services and work with you to help you understand the litigation of contractual and commercial disputes – with a focus on prevention and mediation.

We have extensive experience dealing with matters of this nature and our lawyers can guide you through the complex court process.

For more information on your rights for a variety of contractual and commercial disputes feel free to give us a call.